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I offer a confidential place to explore your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and situation; to bring your whole self, where you will be listened to without being judged.

After an initial consultation, we might, if suitable, arrange ongoing appointments at the same time each week. These would continue for as long as you wished.  


The way I work integrates eclectic but related and effective approaches, including:

  • Humanistic, which assumes that all life is motivated to self-actualise; to grow, with our relationship supporting this

  • Psychodynamic - deeply considering how your present feelings and patterns might be unconsciously informed by formative relationships and experiences

  • Focussing on your felt sense. This somatic approach uses research and theory about trauma and the nervous system to gently emphasise and focus on what’s happening for you physically

  • Behavioural - addressing overwhelming feelings, thoughts or behaviours that hinder you in practical ways

I use these approaches within a multi-dimensional integrative framework, as outlined by Lapworth and Sills.




 Low-cost, time-limited therapy for survivors of abuse or trauma who are on a low income. 


I am familiar with working with people dealing with -

  • anxiety

  • identity

  • trauma

  • loss

  • depression

  • abuse

  • dissociation

  • low self esteem

  • addiction

  • oppression

  • our shared climate and other environmental crises

  • shame and embarrassment

  • gender and relationship diversity

  • change

  • sexual violation

  • mood problems

  • hallucinations

  • distress

  • low self-esteem

  • shame and embarrassment

  • anger

  • dissociation

  • ADHD

  • personal development and growth

  • and more

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