Experienced Integrative Counsellor and Counselling Supervisor

I offer a place to explore your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and situation; I'll listen without judgement to whatever you bring. I have experience supporting clients to deal with change, anxiety, identity issues, trauma, depression, abuse, sexual violation, loss, creative block, relationship issues, social injustice, mood problems, hallucinations, distress, low self-esteem, self-doubt, guilt and shame, dissociation, ADHD, sexual issues, personal development and growth. 

After an initial consultation, if suitable we can arrange ongoing appointments at the same time each week.These would continue either open-ended or for a fixed term.  


The way I work is to integrate eclectic but effective approaches:

  • Humanistic, which means that your experience and growth are at the centre of our work

  • Psychodynamic and Trauma-informed, which each involve exploring how your past experiences have a bearing on your present emotional life

  • Elements of Behavioural, meaning we would address problematic and overwhelming feelings, thoughts or behaviours in a practical way

Fees for individuals: in person or remotely

  • Initial consultation £100

  • Ongoing appointments: £140

  • Referral to a trusted colleague with fees on a sliding scale (according to income) is possible

  • Time-limited therapy online: free, for limited placements depending on income and availability (currently full)

  • Clinical Supervision: sliding scale depending on income

I'm registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and I stay in touch with developments in the field.


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